Storytelling Analysis and Training

Do you feel that your story is not getting through to consumers?
Or you don't know where to begin with effective storytelling?

Story Analysis  & Strategy

Story Analysis
& Strategy

We understand, analyze and evaluate your core brand and product stories for effectiveness. From there, we help you develop strategies and story angles for your different communications platforms. Can include creation of original content and repurposing existing content for digital marketing efforts and online campaigns.

Storytelling for Sustainability

Storytelling for Sustainability

Applied storytelling for the sustainable tourism industry. Focuses on removing jargon from your experience marketing materials and communicating how sustainability delivers a differentiated premium experience.

Storytelling  Training


We train you in the foundations of storytelling and arm you with techniques and tools to infuse your digital marketing efforts with effective story. Goal: to get your message through the noise and to communicate your values, authenticity and differentiated offering to prospective customers.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Are you chasing “likes” and followers and not seeing the conversion?
Social Media  Strategy

Social Media

We help define and implement your social media strategy. Can include creating, curating and repurposing content for maximum value. Goal: get your message across on social media platforms in a way that develops relationships with prospective consumers.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

With your core story angles and values in mind, we help you build a bridge from inspiration to purchase. Includes planning, content calendaring, leveraging existing content, and positioning new content for conversion.

Blogger & Influencer  Campaign Strategy

Blogger & Influencer
Campaign Strategy

We have seen blogger campaigns succeed and fail. Ensure your campaigns are worth the investment. Our services include training in the full blogger-influencer cooperation lifecycle. Includes goal setting, tone matching, itinerary planning, on-trip amplification, and post-trip content usage.

*Implementation services are available for all digital marketing offerings.
*We also offer onsite training and webinar options for all of the above, depending on your needs.

Branding and Experience Analysis

From Millennials to Baby Boomers, today’s consumers demand more.
They seek resonance, connection and differentiation of experience.

We help you sell and market beyond the brochure.

Experience Analysis

Experience Analysis

We evaluate your consumer facing assets for communication of experience and differentiation. The resulting report can be used to inform brochure and website copy, digital assets, media talking points, and trade and consumer copy.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

We help clients perceive their brand and offerings differently. The result: actionable recommendations to characterize and position those offerings more effectively.

Experience Workshop

Experience Workshop

This workshop positions clients to perceive their business in an experience-oriented way. Goal: to shift from a service-delivery orientation to an experience-delivery mindset.

Facilitation Services

Do you need an objective voice, an authority in consumer travel marketing and experiential travel to facilitate an event with partners, your leadership team or other stakeholders?

We offer 1/2 day and full day onsite event facilitation that engages participations and delivers results.

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